Referenser till artikeln Kollodialt silver – ett effektivt mineraltillskott

1) Colloidal Silver. Where does it go when you drink it? How long does it stay there? Roger Altman. AltmanStudy.PDF

Sammanfattningsvis skriver han: "Ingestion of properly prepared CS does not result in silver accumulating in the body. There is no evidence that silver deposits significantly in hair or fingernails and, in fact, the data support the conclusion that after taking more than 2 mg of CS per day for several months, silver seems to be purged from the body (mostly through urine) at about the same rate at which it is consumed. Furthermore, upon terminating CS intake, it appears that as much as half the silver residing in body tissue will be purged (through urine and feces, but more and more through feces as time goes on) in less than a month"

2),, Gordon och Holtorf.

3) På skriver man följande: "Oxidative Capacity - Silver is a recognized powerful oxidizer. Metallurgists have long known the unique affinity of silver with oxygen. Molten silver will hold ten times its volume in oxygen. On freezing, the contraction of silver vigorously ejects the oxygen; a dangerous activity known as spitting. Not all oxygen is ejected; much is retained in the silver lattice as well as adhered to its surface. Atomic oxygen (O+Ç) fits within the silver lattice and as silver resists oxidation, it is an ideal atomic oxygen reservoir. As atomic oxygen (also called nascent oxygen) is extremely reactive, the silver is essentially a reservoir for oxidation reactions, wherein the oxygen is immediately available to react with any organic or inorganic compound it contacts."

4) Kehoe, R.A et al. ”Manganese, lead, tin, aluminum, copper, and silver in normal biological material.” J. Nutr., 20:85 (1940).


6) Silverbiotics säkerhetsstudier: