The Swedish Journal on Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine publishes the latest scientific findings and best practices in the fields of Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine, which are border fields between conventional and complementary/alternative medicine (CAM). The journal is committed to the integration of conventional medicine and CAM with an emphasis on prevention and lifestyle changes, which has become to be known as integrative medicine.

The Swedish Journal of Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine is published in the Swedish language six times per year, in print only. Each issue is devoted to a particular theme, e.g. specific diseases, nutritional substances, various CAM fields, diets, etc.

The journal is intended for the Swedish community of medical practitioners, therapists and researchers, as well as for a broader public interested in nutrition and functional medicine.

Its aim is to disseminate knowledge on how to promote health using diet and nutrition in cooperation with a medical doctor. It is also a strong advocate for sustainable, organic agriculture that supports human, animal and environmental health.

We welcome all medical practitioners, therapists, researchers, and patients with special knowledge in and experience with the areas in question to submit articles. We accept papers in Danish, English and Norwegian for translation into Swedish.